AudioConexus is a Canadian company that develops hardware and software solutions for tour operators. More than 30 million people listen to AudioConexus tours each year, delivered to them in over 30 different languages — on foot and on buses, boats, trolleys, trains and trams. They're also the first company to deliver multi-language tours on submarines and airplanes. 
After more than a decade of growth and innovation, AudioConexus was looking for an updated identity that would better reflect the company's forward outlook and corporate values. Whiterock Reid, the branding agency tasked with re-tooling the AudioConexus brand strategy, engaged me to help develop the new visual identity. 
In addition to the new logo, I worked with them to create a comprehensive set of brand guidelines, stationery, case study templates and a series of brochures and promotional materials.

The idea for the new logo comes from the interference patterns that emerge when multiple waves interact. Emanating from points of interest along a tour route, sound waves combine to create an "A" for AudioConexus. 

AudioConexus' old logo (left) and the new design.

The new AudioConexus wordmark in use on some of their hardware.

The following was written by the CEO of AudioConexus in an article discussing the launch of their new identity: 
"Our visual identity represents a new era in our development and growth. We’re launching new products inspired by a human-centered design approach to creative problem solving and innovation, embarking on a journey that will transform our industry and drive greater value for our customers. Our new logo better reflects who we are today and the company we’re aiming to be tomorrow."

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